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Our Mission

Adams Holcomb LLP was founded with the goal of being a different kind of law firm.

Our expertise and mission is to help corporate legal departments become profit centers for their companies. Claims that corporations have against antitrust cartels and firms who abuse market power are corporate assets, the value of which should be maximized. Companies with large antitrust claims can greatly increase their recoveries by taking direct control over their legal claims rather than relying on class action litigation to produce the best results for shareholders. We estimate that our founders have represented more Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders as plaintiffs in antitrust actions than any other lawyers in the country. In so doing we have recovered record amounts for our clients.

Risk Sharing
Adams Holcomb shares the risks of litigation with its clients. It is our intention to earn fees based on the value we deliver to our clients, not based on the amount of time it takes to get a result. For that reason, we work principally on a contingency fee basis or on a fixed monthly retainer. We pride ourselves on our ability to enter into creative fee structures which serve to align the economic interests of the firm with those of our clients. We are willing to work with clients to craft arrangements that reflect a sharing of the risks of loss and the rewards of success.

Team Approach
Our firm is intentionally small. We have limited our partnership to people who are focused on and enjoy the challenge of resolving complex legal problems in a way that delivers optimal value to clients. We have not endeavored to build a substantial litigation capacity. Instead, when litigation is an essential component of obtaining value for our clients, we team with the litigation firm or firms who we believe can help us achieve the best results.

To that end, we work with litigators at major firms who understand what it takes to represent plaintiffs. While many fine firms capably represent defendants, we have found a more limited number of litigators (outside the class action bar) who have the expertise and personality needed to represent plaintiffs effectively. We strive to create teams which take advantage of each lawyer's individual skills. Our teams include the best lawyers at conducting discovery, working with experts, arguing motions, trying cases, handling appellate issues, and settling claims. Depending on the case's needs, the lawyers may be selected from multiple firms. Claims resolution is handled by Adams Holcomb.

We also believe that economic issues in antitrust cases must be given top priority from the inception of the matter. We engage economists from the outset to work on strategic, settlement and litigation issues. In our experience, plaintiffs' counsel too often make the mistake of postponing meaningful economic analysis until the litigation schedule requires them to do so.

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